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kickstarter filament extruder

Filabot began back in 2011 in the same way that a lot of small businesses get their start: with a Kickstarter campaign. Our campaign raised more than 323% of its funding goal—not too shabby for what began with a whiteboard and the simple idea for turning waste plastic into feedstock for 3D printers.   In its most basic sense, the...

Filabot Awarded 2016 Business of the Year by CVEDC

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Filabot has been awarded the 2016 Business of the Year by CVEDC. The team has worked hard to be recognized, and are honored to be located in this great community. CVEDC has been very supportive in helping Filabot find solutions to business problems and has allowed Filabot to make many great connections with other business in the state of Vermont.  To...

Filabot Extruders in the Research Environment

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Modern extrusion systems are used in many industries, from manufacturing to R&D, extrusion systems allow a company to produce filament with great speed and quality. These modern systems, however, are not without their flaws. For one they are expensive, increasingly so, as the systems become more robust and technically advanced. At Filabot we have realized this immense drawback for researchers....

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