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EX6, Experiments, Filabot Spooler, Filameasure, Material Extrusion Report, PLA -

Here is one for all you additive addicts out there! Wood and plastic are often placed conceptually as antithetical materials...

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EX6, Experiments, extruders, Filameasure, Filament, Material Extrusion Report, melt filter nozzles, PLA -

We care about the materials we sell and the success of using our machines. This report was done with very...

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EX2, EX6, Filabot, Filabot Original EX2, recycling -

Anyone who purchased (or purchases in the future) a Filabot EX2 can trade it in towards a Filabot EX6 and receive a 100% credit. Yes, you read that right. We will give you complete credit toward your upgrade to an EX6. That brings your cost on an EX6 extruder down. A lot.

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EX6, Experiments, extruders, Material Extrusion Report, melt filter nozzles, nozzle, Pellets, rPETG -

rPETG was extruded in the EX6 to compare the tolerances of the polymer with different Filabot Accessories. From testing, we saw that the tolerances of the material improved when using the Chrome Screw Addition over the Standard Stock EX6 Screw. We also noticed tighter tolerance when using the Melt Filter Nozzles.

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3-D Printing, EX2, EX6, Filabot, Filabot Product Highlight:, Filament, Spooling, STEAM Education -

Interested in getting one of our machines but are worried that the polymer you want to extrude won't work? Then...

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3-D Printing, EX6, Filabot, Filament, Lab Kit, STEAM Education -

We are happy to release our newest addition to filament education the EX6 Filabot Lab Kit. This hands-on kit is...

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