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We are incredibly excited to have one of our sister company's extruders in a live demonstration at the upcoming Fabtech...

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After diving into the research on compounding PLA with spent coffee grounds accomplished at Washington State and assisted by our...

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Massive Dimension is excited to introduce our latest direct print extruder head to the world- the MDPE10! We’ve built upon...

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Going forward the posts related to our collaboration with binary and the University of Utah will be posted...

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As 3D printers get larger, filament is not a viable option for fabrication as the output is too slow. The next solution is a direct print pellet head extruder. Using pellets to directly print objects. We have designed the best pellet head extruder on the market.

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Today students and staff from Spaulding High School visited our shop to learn about advanced manufacturing. During their stay, we...

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