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Filabot Original EX2 with...SPEED CONTROL!

Shayne Circe 0 comments

INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW, Filabot Original EX2 with Speed Control         You already know about our amazing filament extruder the Filabot Original EX2.  It already has a revolutionary feed screw that mixes, compounds, and pressurizes the plastic to optimize the quality and rate of production of the filament you are creating.  The only thing that we, as well as a...

Filabot in Pharmaceuticals

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Filabot in Pharmaceuticals?            The University College London’s School of Pharmacy began to experiment with the effect geometry can have on pharmaceutical drug release and intake. The plan for the experiment was to see if different shapes had any significant difference in the rate of release and dissolving. In the article they wrote up for the...

Filament Spooling Time-Lapse

Tyler McNaney 0 comments

We had some fun making this short time lapse video our of EX2 system making a large spool of our Color Full filament. The amount of filament on the spool was made in about 38 minutes. The changing of color is from colorant that was randomly mixed in the hopper.