University of Utah Update: Prototyping - Test Prints (Desktop)

University of Utah Update: Prototyping - Test Prints (Desktop)

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Building off their form explorations, using prompts such as Aleatory Methods, Protest as Form, and For Loops, activity for the MDD Digital Assemblies class now turned to physical prototyping of their forms using desktop 3d printers with the experimental filaments produced earlier in the semester using the Filabot EX2 extruder and Filament Spooler.

Five overall designs -  and their corresponding experimental filaments - were selected for this prototyping exercise, which investigated the printability of these filaments in parallel with the examination of their forms at quarter-to-half scale proportions.

Experimental filaments were all based in recycled PETG, with various additives, including turmeric (a little goes a long way!), powdered steel, and pearlescent pigments.

The next steps for the students will be to prepare pelletized material in the quantities required for their large-format prints, using the robot arm and the Massive Dimension MDPH2. Stay tuned for the full size tests coming soon!

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Below are some photos from the experiments:

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