1. Where does Filabot ship to? We are a worldwide company that ships nearly everywhere. From the US, to China, to Australia we do our best to ensure our customers orders are met and their systems shipped to where they need to be! 

2. How much does an extruder weigh and what are the dimensions? Our Filabot EX2 Extruder weighs 30lbs and is sized at L: 24in x W:10in x H:13in.

3. What is the lead time for my order? Lead times change on a weekly basis. If a product is in stock it will usually ship within 1-2 days. If we are waiting on a shipment, it can take up to 1-2 weeks to ship and if there is a lead time longer than 2 weeks for a specific product, it will be specified on the product page.

4. Do you accept purchase orders? We do accept purchase orders for orders totaling more than $75. If the total is less than $75, we will charge a $25 processing fee. If you do not want to pay the extra processing fee, you can place the order online at Filabot.com and pay by credit card.

5. Where can I send my quote request or purchase order? All purchase orders, as well as quote requests can be sent to contact@filabot.com or can be accessed within your Shopping Cart for online quotes. 

6. How much is it to ship my order? We offer free domestic shipping on orders over $75. If you are outside of the United States, please email us at contact@filabot.com for a shipping estimate.

7. How much is it to ship the Industrial Reclaimer? Although we offer free domestic shipping, we do charge freight costs to ship the Filabot Industrial Reclaimer. To get a freight estimate for both domestic and international shipping please email us at contact@filabot.com.

8. What are the dimensions and weight for shipping the Industrial Reclaimer? Our Filabot Industrial Reclaimer is 600lbs  and is sized at L: 48in x W: 45in x H: 84.

9. Our establishment needs to make Filabot a registered vendor, can you fill out our forms? Please send all vendor forms, as well as W9 requests to us at contact@filabot.com and we will respond promptly!

Filabot Global Source 3D Printing Recycling Filament Extrusion