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Filabot Industrial Reclaimer

Trevor McNaney 0 comments

3D printing begets 3D waste, and for some, the volume is considerable. Our high volume solution for this is the Filabot 'Industrial Reclaimer', which is capable of granulating 3D waste at a clip of 170 lbs an hour. With far more processing power than an individual would need, this unit is geared toward the deployment in maker spaces and organizations that...

3D Hubs Launching FILABOT-Powered Recycling Centers

Nicholas Mendizabal 2 comments

In our view, closed-loop recycling in the 3D printing industry should be a core goal. This has us thoroughly excited to share that the team at 3D Hubs has announced the launch of three recycling centers for failed prints - with a center in the UK, one in the Netherlands, and one stateside in Boston! All three centers will be using a Filamaker shredder to grind up...

Filabot and Ben and Jerry's Teaming Up to Save the World

Toby Wasserman 0 comments

Happy Earth Day! Filabot is proud to announce that we are in the process of teaming up with Ben and Jerry's locations to up-cycle their spoons into pellets and filament! This is another step we are making towards responsible use of plastic waste and it just so happens that Ben and Jerry's is passionate on making their waste less wasteful. We...