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3d printing as a tool for sustainability.

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Will Amos and Aldrin Lupisan are two UC Irvine undergraduate students who’ve been valued customers for about two years now. After meeting on a Solar Decathlon team in which they were tasked with creating the “tool room of the future” the two began developing a closed loop sustainable system for 3D printing. They realized that 3D printing was going to...

We’re helping to create complex parts to solve today’s complex problems

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kickstarter filament extruder

Filabot began back in 2011 in the same way that a lot of small businesses get their start: with a Kickstarter campaign. Our campaign raised more than 323% of its funding goal—not too shabby for what began with a whiteboard and the simple idea for turning waste plastic into feedstock for 3D printers.   In its most basic sense, the...

Filabot Industrial Reclaimer

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3D printing begets 3D waste, and for some, the volume is considerable. Our high volume solution for this is the Filabot 'Industrial Reclaimer', which is capable of granulating 3D waste at a clip of 170 lbs an hour. With far more processing power than an individual would need, this unit is geared toward the deployment in maker spaces and organizations that...