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The New Filabot Filabox

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The Filabox Brought to you by: Filabot    This is an introduction and guide on one of our great new products, the Filabox. The Filabox is used in conjunction with any 3-D Printer setup to keep your filament in a dry, moisture free environment from spool to printer to produce the best print quality possible. One of the hardest things...

Filabot in Pharmaceuticals

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Filabot in Pharmaceuticals?            The University College London’s School of Pharmacy began to experiment with the effect geometry can have on pharmaceutical drug release and intake. The plan for the experiment was to see if different shapes had any significant difference in the rate of release and dissolving. In the article they wrote up for the...

LAYWOO-D3 and LAYBRICK Filaments

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LAYWOO-D3 and LAYBRICK Filaments             As some of you may know we recently brought a new line of filaments on here at Filabot. If you’re up to date with our Filabot Blog you know that we are to be testing these specialty filaments in a series of releases. These new filaments are the revolutionary Poro-Lay Filaments and more specifically...

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