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The Basics of Extrusion

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The Basics of Extrusion

If you are a recent recipient of a Filabot extrusion system, you might feel a bit unsure of what each of the specific components is for, or how to make them all work in harmony. We like to think that with a little bit of guidance, anyone can learn to make excellent filament with our machines, and as is often the case, getting started can be the hardest part! The Filabot team is here to help!

In our latest video walkthrough we go through the basics of running an extrusion line, incorporating an EX6, Airpath, Spooler, and Filameasure in order to produce and spool correctly toleranced 1.75mm diameter filament. Check out the video below to join Jack in the Filabot lab and follow along as he walks you through the steps of turning plastic pellets into spooled filament, and be sure to check back in the future for video content with more specific tips and tricks on ideal extrusion parameters for specific polymers!

Watch Video Below on the Basics of Extrusion:

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  • Filabot Team

    Hey Alejandro! Thanks for being an early supporter and continuing to follow along! We are actually just celebrating our ten-year anniversary since that Kickstarter program, it has been a long and rewarding journey, in no small part thanks to people like you. 🙌

  • Alejandro Echeverria

    Good to see you have reached so far! A kickstarter enthusiast at the time still have the original that made lots of bubbled filament that teached me a good “just buy the rolls or invest lost of money to have good results” lesson.

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