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Filabot EX6 Filament Extruder


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The Filabot EX6 Extruder is a polymer extruder designed to bring many common features from large-scale production extruders to small-scale filament production, and laboratory research equipment. This system has been completely designed for research and development laboratories, creating a device that excels as both test equipment and production equipment. 

Multiple heat zones allow for custom heat profiles to match the correct melting profile of any polymer. The EX6 features a removable screw that can be accessed without having to open the machine, which also allows easy cleaning.

With this new system, screws with different characteristics can be used as needed for each specific polymer, allowing screw designs to be tested and polymer output and consistency optimized. All screws have a 24:1 L/D ratio giving greater versatility and control compared to other extruders.

The Filabot EX6 comes with a full one-year warranty on all parts.

Power Input: Single Phase 50/60Hz 120/240VAC 13/6.5A 1550W MAX - varies with settings. Check S/N Label for proper input voltage

Input Connector Type: IEC 320-C14

Weight: 50 pounds (23kg)

Dimensions: 29.7in L x 9.1in W x 9.75in H (No Hopper)

Hopper Dimensions: 6in L x 6in W x 8.4in H

Hopper Volume: 195in³ (3.2L)

Total Height: 16.3in H (With Hopper)

Temperature Control

3 PID Controlled Barrel Heat Zones (aluminum blocks with dual 150W heaters)

1 PID Controlled Feed Throat Heat Zone

2 Manual Speed Controlled Barrel Fans

1 Manual Speed Controlled Feed Throat Fan

1 Manual Speed Controlled Motor Fan Max Rated

Set Temperature: 660°F (350°C)

Drive Control: 0-90VDC PWM Speed Controller

Click Here for the Temperature Control Manual 

Drive Motor

1/2 HP 90VDC 4.6A

0-100 RPM

Torque: 215 in-lb Gear Ratio 28:1

Grease Lubricated Spur Gearing


Removable and upgradable

Stock Screw

5/8” Diameter

1/2” Pitch

24 L/D Ratio

17-4 PH Stainless Steel Con. H900

2:1 Compression