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Filameasure - Inline Filament Measurement

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Finally, the perfect way to measure filament while extruding. This new Filameasure mounts to the Filabot Spooler and measures the freshly made filament as it is being produced. This in-line measurement allows for on the fly adjustments to dial in the diameter for the best possible filament. 

Explanation of the different versions

Mitutoyo Filameasure - Stand Alone Filameasure

The new version Filameasure uses a top of the line Mitutoyo digital indicator for great precision. This version is able to work with our Filalogger SPC and software to record the filament as it is being extruded for historical data. The Filalogger is not required for using this version, it is an add on for future developments.

Filalogger Software and SPC Unit (Mitutoyo Filameasure Not Included)

This is an addon that will only work with the Mitutoyo Filameasure unit. This allows customers to record the diameter of the filament and save the file for future use. During extrusion, the Filalogger software will output live diameter readings in a nice convenient visual, as shown in the photo below. The Filalogger software and Filalogger SPC work together to log the diameter data in a CSV format for future analysis. The Filalogger software runs on Windows only. Click here to download the software. Click here for the software user manual. Click here for installation instructions. 

Filalogger Software, SPC Unit, and Mitutoyo Filameasure - Complete Package

For customers looking for a complete package this item includes the Filalogger Software, SPC Unit, and Mitutoyo Filameasure. 

Tablet with Preinstalled Software
This item is a touch screen tablet that comes pre-installed with the Filalogger Software. Users can install the Filalogger Software and firmware on their own Windows device, however, we wanted to provide an option for customers that is plug and play. An additional feature of the tablet is that the bottom has a magnet and kickstand allowing it to sit perfectly on top of the Filabot EX6 or conveniently next to any extrusion setup. Click here for the software user manual. This unit comes with the Filalogger SPC Unit and a tablet with preinstalled software.


Filalogger Software
- Filalogger Software Installation Manual
- Filalogger Software User Manual

Filameasure Manual

- Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Manual

For Filalogger Software v1.5.5, users who have the language settings in Windows set to use the comma "," as a decimal separator must change the decimal points to commas for the diameter inputs in the settings tab

  • 0mm to 5mm Diameter Range
  • Full-Size Reading and Tolerance Variation Reading
  • Built-in Tension Applicator
  • 1 Year Warranty





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