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New XTC-3D Coating for 3D Printed Objects

Shayne Circe 0 comments

XTC-3D Coating Review By: Shayne Circe Hey everyone Shayne here at Filabot back with another great product for you. As you would expect here at Filabot we’re constantly printing whether it be parts we are designing or prototyping, parts that we actually use in our shop, or doing various print jobs for ourselves and others. With all the print jobs...

All Hands On Deck - Adventures of building a Rostock Max V2 Kit

Shayne Circe 2 comments

SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V2 Assembly Process By: Shayne Circe Recently here at the Filabot headquarters we were given the chance to assemble one of the new Rostock Max V2, 3-D Printer kits that SeeMeCNC has to offer. I was very excited and nervous to be handed down the task of assembling the unit from the boss seeing as I had...