Work Based Learning- high School Visit

Work Based Learning- high School Visit

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Today students and staff from Spaulding High School visited our shop to learn about advanced manufacturing. During their stay, we showed them a tour of our new shop. Highlighted and discussed our different products. Showed them a test run of our extruder system and the process from pellets to filament to test prints. An overview of our MDPH2 extruder and large format printing, and showed the students the process we take when prototyping a new product. During the event we shared with the students our experiences that informed the students about our career paths. This visit is apart of Spaulding High Schools Work Based Learning (WBL) and the first one of three events we will be hosting. 

WBL is a work experience program that allows high school students to immerse themselves in an internship that augments their academic and career development. These experiences are aligned with student goals, reinforced transferable skills, and take place in professional working environments and educational settings. Our next hosting event will be in November. During that visit the students will be working with different recycled plastics to see if they can successfully generate filament. 

Getting involved with schools and participating with the community we are a part of is the least we can do to foster career paths for students.

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