Product Highlight- Service/Testing

Product Highlight- Service/Testing

Interested in getting one of our machines but are worried that the polymer you want to extrude won't work? Then Filabot has the solution for you. With our Filabot Polymer testing service, we can help to determine if the material will work with our machines or not. Go to our testing services page.

From there you can order your test. We provided two testing services in our lab. The first is Pellet Extrusion Testing; this is where the client provides us with polymer pellets that we will test on our machines. The second test is our Solid Grinding; similar to the Pellet Extruding Test, this service should be selected when a customer has a solid piece of plastic, such as a plastic scrap. Once you have selected a test you want, you then select the machine to use. Once you have purchased the material you are welcome to send it to our Lab Testing Facility. 

Once we receive your material we will let you know and will give you an ETA of when your test will be done. Once we have completed our test we will provide you with documentation of the extrusion test. This includes: A graph of the filament made, systems used and their settings, details regarding the procedure, and field notes/ observations form the test. 

Requirements for the testing: We require at least a half-gallon of material in order to do a proper test. This amount will allow us to troubleshoot and adjust variables to get you the best filament possible. If you have any questions about these services please contact us at 

We hope to help you find your extrusion settings and solutions for your 3D printing needs, 

The Filabot Lab 

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