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Filabot Technical Grade Filament

Trevor McNaney 0 comments

We have been busy here at Filabot creating a new form of filament in response to the increased demand for higher quality prints. Prints that are crisper and more reliable for rapid prototyping via 3D printing. This new filament is of technical grade, which essentially boils down to the fact that we produce spools of this unique filament to very...

Bulk Filament Spools

Tyler McNaney 0 comments

The size of 3D printers are growing and so is the need for larger spools of filament. We are now offering three standard size spools for every type of material that we make. Our standard filament spool sizes are .5kg, 5kg, and 10kg, in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm with a tolerance of +/-0.05mm.  All of our filaments are laser measured...

Managing Moisture in your Materials

Nicholas Mendizabal 1 comment

Controlling the moisture content in your materials is an important part of obtaining a high quality extrusion. If moisture is not eliminated, polymer chains can weaken, diameter consistency suffers, and air bubbles can form in the filament as trapped water vapor expands when heated. Extruded filament that contains air bubbles will exhibit a signature 'popping' sound when the air pocket reaches...

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