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Will Amos, Brower Youth Awards 2016

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For the past two years, Will Amos has led a student and faculty team at the University of California, Irvine in building an innovative recycling system that turns plastic waste into stock material for 3D printing projects. The system includes four components: a grinder that breaks plastic waste into small pieces, an extruder that melts the broken plastic into filament,...

Recycling and creating 3D printing materials at Indiana University

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We’re just starting to scratch the surface of the capabilities of 3D printing, but Indiana University is already on top of ensuring the process is sustainable.  

A Vermont Company

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3D Printer Filament

  Nestled among the Green Mountains in a small town called Barre lies an inconspicuous cluster of warehouses. If you're not from Vermont, chances are you've never heard of Barre. It's a small place where a good chunk of VT's granite quarries happen to be. It's where Filabot lives, breathes, troubleshoots, and thrives. Our team of dedicated employees shuffle about,...

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