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Managing Moisture in your Materials

Nicholas Mendizabal 1 comment

Controlling the moisture content in your materials is an important part of obtaining a high quality extrusion. If moisture is not eliminated, polymer chains can weaken, diameter consistency suffers, and air bubbles can form in the filament as trapped water vapor expands when heated. Extruded filament that contains air bubbles will exhibit a signature 'popping' sound when the air pocket reaches...

Filabot Plastic Testing Service

Nicholas Mendizabal 0 comments

Did you know that Filabot offers comprehensive polymer testing for clients wishing to evaluate a plastic to see if it is suitable for filament production and 3D printing?   How it Works: After placing a test order online, send us at least 1 lb of your material in pellet or solid form. Be sure to include an MSDS for the...

Large Format 3D Printing + Filabot

Nicholas Mendizabal 0 comments

  One of the reasons many of our customers choose to extrude their own filament is economy, and as more large format 3D printers hit the market - the math is particularly compelling.  Large format 3D printers can print some impressive items, like large scale prototypes, furniture, and even cars. The large format envelope is being firmly pushed into new territory, with multi...

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