Filabot Waterbath Filament Cooling With Water

A Cool New Solution to Spooling

Creating uniform spools of filament for 3D printing ensures a steady supply of ready inventory.  One of the key elements to a uniform filament is what happens to the temperature profile as the filament exits the extruder and before it starts to wind up on the spool.  We’re talking about the temperature profile during the journey from tip to reel. Filaments start to cool pretty quickly as they exit the extruder, but sometimes, especially for larger diameter filaments or those that require a high extrusion temperature extra cooling stabilizes the geometry for a more uniform wind. 

For years Filabot has provide a forced air cooling trough, the Filabot Airpath which sits between the extruder and the spool winder to provide the necessary cooling for improved spooling.  Now Filabot has upped their cooling options by introducing the Filabot Waterbath.  True to its name, with water cooling, filaments are ready for spooling quicker than with the air-cooled version. 

All things being equal the water-cooled solution should result in a faster throughput, especially when processing high temperature filaments.  If your Filabot Airpath seems to be a limitation in throughput, or you want to process higher temperature filaments, the new Filabot Waterbath might be the solution  you are looking for.  Product is shipping now.  Check this link for technical details and pricing. 

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