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Steps to Get Started with 3D Printing

Tyler McNaney 0 comments

Thinking of implementing some 3D printing in your business processes? 3D printing for small businesses is a great way to obtain physical replications of your prototypes, create promotional material, and so much more. The industry is still fairly new, but the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. For example, architects can use 3D printing for client pitches and clearing...

Plastic: Thermoset and Thermoplastic

Tyler McNaney 0 comments

Plastic is a simple two syllable word. But don't let that fool you. Plastic is a simple term that when looking deeper is very complex. Over our time working with plastic we have learned many things, from our research, to our lab testing. All very valuable knowledge, that is helping us reach our goal of turning waste plastic into new...

Filabot Wee, Filabot Core, and Reclaimer (Grinder)

Tyler McNaney 14 comments

At Filabot we are always revising our product line. Recently, we launched the Filabot Wee for pre-order, and we have removed the Filabot Core from the store. This has raised many questions, so let us explain.    Filabot Wee (Available Here) The Filabot Wee is our open source filament extruder. It is available for pre-order right now. It has the same...

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