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Printing with Inconsistent Filament

Tyler McNaney 1 comment

Filament For a while I have been printing with filament that has some good tolerances. Parts always come out great when printing with good filament. But I wanted to know what happens when the filament is not as good. I turned up the heat while extruding some ABS filament to make some bubbles, the filament as shown is the filament...

Maker Movement

Tyler McNaney 0 comments

Maker Movement Filabot System: By the end of this year, we are optimistic about having all of our 67 kickstarter systems completed and on their way. Once we are done with our kickstarter backers, we will then proceed with launching to the public. When we ship Filabots, there will be a little surprise…..and of course it involves recycling.   Popular...

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