#3DThursday: What Whitney Prints!

#3DThursday: What Whitney Prints!

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This week we're featuring prints by our Operations Manager, Whitney Trudo!

Whit has been with us since the beginning. From practical prints like dog leash holders to fashionable jewelry, Whitney is one of the most avid printers here at Filabot. 

She's lead the way, printing gender-inclusive bathroom signs, marker holders, general stuff for the office and warehouse! She is also a leader and early adopter in the 3D printing fashionista scene.

Whitney says: I try to print things that are useful or necessary, not just knickknacks. I typically stick to small and simple items because I lack patience and need instant gratification with my prints. I don't have it in me to print something that is going to take more than 2 hours.

Thanks for reading and happy #3DThursday!

The Filabot Team 

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