EX6 Extended Melt Filter Nozzle

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This “extra length” improves output consistency, keeping your filament extrusion to the appropriate range.  Use the Filabot Melt Filter Nozzle to help decontaminate your recycled materials for a clean, consistent filament. This nozzle includes a stainless steel mesh screen to filter small contaminants that have slipped through the cleaning and grinding process. By filtering out these small contaminates, the chances of clogging the printer nozzle will decrease immensely. We offer these nozzles in both previous and current style extruder nozzles and it works with all diameters. A for previous style extruders and E for current style extruders. 

We recommend using a filter with a mesh opening size 75% or less of the 3D printer nozzle size

Screen 1/2" (13mm) Dia 20 Mesh Support Screen (0.381mm Opening Size)
Screen 1/2" (13mm) Dia 60 Mesh Coarse Filter Screen (0.229mm Opening Size)
Screen 1/2" (13mm) Dia 80 Mesh Fine Filter Screen (0.178mm Opening Size)

These nozzles are to make 1.75mm or 3mm, ABS, PLA or other types of filament. We also offer a pre-drilled nozzle for users who are looking to make custom size extruder nozzles. Pre-drilled nozzles have a 1mm hole. Please note that the nozzle size will be a different size than the filament that is being made. It is best to pull down the filament to the correct size.

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PLEASE NOTE: This accessory is NOT for filtering highly contaminated plastic. This is to help filter small particles that were missed in the decontamination process. Anything added to the hopper MUST be clean of dust, dirt, paint, coatings, and tape, etc.

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