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Filabot EX2 Filament Extruder


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The Filabot EX2 system is our most advanced filament extruder. The EX2 features a three-stage extrusion screw made from hardened and polished high-carbon steel. This proprietary, patent-pending screw is designed to pressurize plastics during the extrusion process, assisting in diameter control and boosting the overall output. The mixing capability of the screw is enhanced by the utilization of a progressive compression section, which applies shear force between the polymer and the barrel wall. The EX2 also features extrusion speed control, which is exclusive to this model. The speed control board includes an automatic, variable voltage control module that is engineered to regulate the precise RPM of the screw as forces fluctuate in the extrusion process. When used with the Filabot Spooler, tolerances of +/-0.05 mm can be achieved at a rate of 2 lbs an hour.


High-Performance Feed Screw: Allows for enhanced mixing, melting, and filament output

Custom In-line Nozzle: Custom nozzle tapered to the tip for maximum flow efficiency and filament quality - Uses "Nozzle F and E"

Universal Power Input: available in 110 VAC or 220 VAC

Max Temp: 450°C

Programmable Temperature Controller: room temperature to 450°C

Extrude Rate: 251 ipm, or 2+lbs of filament per hour (4043D PLA @ 1.75mm)

Filament Output: 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm, any other size with custom drilled nozzles

Extrudable Plastic Types: ABS, PLA, PC, HIPS, PP, PS, and ULTEM

Material Input Size: Powder to 1/8in pellets. We recommend that you have no less than 1/4lb of material in the hopper.

Feed Screw Speed: 0 to 35 RPM, fully adjustable speed control

Power Draw: ~500 Watts

Enclosure Size: 18 in by 7 in by 9 in

Full, 1-Year Warranty


**Voltage Note - the 110VAC or 220VAC specific to the country that you are going to be using the extruder system in. There is no operational difference between the 110VAC or 220VAC.**

Click Here for The Filabot Extruder Manual

Below is a diameter of PLA filament that was extruded on a Filabot EX2 system. Tolerance is well within the +/- 0.05mm tolerance.

The graph below shows the output amount in pounds for the Filabot Original and the Filabot EX2

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