#3DThursday: Industrial Reclaimer Parts

#3DThursday: Industrial Reclaimer Parts

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Recently, we've been outlining the parts we print for our machines. Last week we covered the Filabot Spooler and the spooler holders we print. This week we're talking about a simple print for the Filabot Industrial Reclaimer.

This somewhat new add on allows users to simply suck the ground up plastic from the bottom of the grinder hopper into a storage drum. The fittings for the hoses are custom designed to fit the lid of the drum and connect the hoses. One hose is attached from the bottom of the Reclaimer to the lid and the other connection is between the lid and the vacuum. It makes dealing with larger volumes of ground up prints with ease!

For the print we're using the new 3D870 PLA from Natureworks. Simple, easy to use and necessary for our industrial operations here at Filabot.

What have you been printing? Let us know!

The Filabot Team

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