#FilamentFriday: Denim and 3D Printing?

#FilamentFriday: Denim and 3D Printing?

Old jeans or jorts: into the grinder and into a print they go! 

Well, maybe.

Levi Jeans has sent us some denim scraps that we have ground up and hope to turn into filament. Of course denim doesn’t melt like plastic but we may be able to infuse it with a flexible polymer to make filament. That's been our focus this past week. The flexible polymer will act as a binder holding the ground up denim together. This is part of a larger push here at Filabot to extrude as many new materials as possible. 

We are not sure how small we will need to get the denim before we can get it into the plastics to make filament but our next steps will be to grind the denim into even smaller particles and to move forward with extrusion. 

Companies like Levi get in touch all the time. And what we marvel at is their willingness to work with us at Filabot to devise new ways of recycling and reusing waste materials, plastic or not!

Have you ever used fabrics or "other" materials with the Filabot? Let us know what you've extruded!

The Filabot Team

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