3D Printing Medical Equipment - A Call for Support

3D Printing Medical Equipment - A Call for Support

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As many of you may have seen, there has been a huge effort from the 3D printing community to supply medical equipment in the fight against Covid-19. We want to bring your attention to these two proven solutions and encourage anyone with a 3D printer to help the cause by printing these parts and providing them to hospitals in need. 

Vent Splitters - http://ventsplitter.org/ 

Vent splitters provide a solution to the shortage of ventilators by splitting the air return and output into multiple patients. The Ventsplitter.org website has the part files and the how to documents for this solution. 

Face shield - https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/27102-protective-face-shield-for-use-with-a4-foil-format/files

Face shields are another line of defense for healthcare professionals. While there are many designs out there this design uses a standard a4 sheet and a hole puncher for making the mount holes. 

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