3D Printed Y-Splitters

3D Printed Y-Splitters

These 3D printed parts developed by a group of doctors at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio are currently being used to help save lives in NYC and they may very well be needed in your city in the coming weeks!

If you or someone you know has access to a 3D printer that can print PETG or even PLA  filament we are asking for your help to print these items.  These items take approximately 6 – 12 hours to print.  We are recommending printing one set of flow limiter parts for every 8 of Y-splitters that you print.  The file can be found at:  http://ventsplitter.org/. Please go to that site and download the latest .stl file for 3D printing. The designs are being continually updated for improvements and to speed printing so please update your browser for the latest file download. Once printed please handle them carefully to avoid potential contamination.  It is recommended that you place the printed items immediately into a plastic bag so that they can be disinfected upon receipt. 

When your prints are complete please try to connect with a medical professional who may need them and point them to the website: https://ventsplitter.org. The website is constantly being updated with improved print files and advice, so please check back often.

Scientists and professors at the New York Institute of Technology in Long Island are trying to do our part for our community during this global pandemic. Our Center for Biomedical Innovation has been working with awesomely brave doctors, local hospitals, and health care agencies to 3D print splitters and regulators that may have the potential to save lives in the coming days and weeks and to get that equipment to those on the front lines of this pandemic.

Groups around the country including the robotics company Haddington Dynamics and Filabot are also stepping up to help in this effort to support the brave medical professionals who are working hard every day to save lives. 

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