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Howdy, howdy, how-DEE! To all the citizens of Internet-land. I'm Jim Rodda, best known to the 3D printing community as Zheng3. I'm usually laboring in the Forge over at Zheng3.com, and you can find my free! models there and at finer 3D printing websites around the globe.

I'll soon be taking a nerd's-eye look at some of Filabot's latest contributions to the world of 3D printing and evaluating them from a hobbyist's perspective. Watch this space.

Filabot has made me aware of several up-and-coming products with interesting and exciting material properties; the engineers at Zheng Labs will be putting them through their paces, learning their limits, and occasionally creating new custom models that take advantage of their peculiar properties.

First up: CARBON FIBER filament. Watch for my take on it in a few days, or, if you're the impatient do-it-yourself type, Filabot's selling it right now.

This is my second brush with Filabot's varied offerings; in 2013 I did a series of posts about their recycled ABS filament.

Wanna start an office war? Grab the model for this catapult and get printin', laddie. You'll have to supply your own rubber bands and pennies.

Nota bene: In the interest of emptoring our caveats forthwith, I should bring one point to your attention: I'll do my best to be fair in my reviews, but please be aware that I'm being compensated by Filabot for my services.

Filabot's a great bunch of folks and I'm excited to see where this collaboration goes. #staytuned, friends! I'll dig into the first shipment from Filabot with mucho gusto once it arrives at our doorstep.

Zheng3 out.




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