Filabot Wee Update V2

Since the launch of the Filabot Wee, large and small improvements have been made and we will continue to update the system as our goal is to give you the best filament maker.


The largest improvement is the fully laser cut enclosure. When the Filabot Wee was first released, the enclosure was made from a router pattern that was cut by hand. The result was good but creating items by hand can cause differences from time to time. This new laser cut enclosure follows in the Reprap fashion with the dark burnt wood edges. Not only does it look better, this new enclosure also is stronger and assembles easier. If you are assembling a kit or purchasing an assembled system, the new and improved enclosure is now covering the powerhouse extruder.


The extruder is also updated. The extruder is now professionally cut and welded. This provides a level of quality that sets the Filabot Wee apart. This updated extruder is still using our custom gear motor that has been customized even more. The most important part of this extruder update is that everything is lined up and there is no squeaking, binding or misaligned parts. Did we mention the welds? These welds providing added strength for the forces that are put on this extruder.

Insulation Cover and Heat Guard

To some the insulation is simply a utility part and to others an eye sore. We have dressed it up a bit with an orange sleeve. This sleeve keeps the insulation tight and neat and up against the heater. While talking about the heater area, we also added a heat guard. No more hot metal parts except for the small area of the nozzle. Not only does this guard protect users, it also helps to keep the heat at a constant level which blocks outside airflow.

Relay Cover

The relay is what makes the heater turn on and off. Different covers have been used over the life of the Filabot Wee. We have now settled on a subtle laser cut acrylic cover which allows for the sight of the industrious relay while providing safe operation.

Warranty Update

Last but not least is that the Filabot Wee Assembled system now has a One Year Limited Warranty. So don’t fret, we have you covered. More information can be found by following this link: **Filabot Wee Assembled - One Year Limited Warranty**


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