New rPETG Pellets Available!

New rPETG Pellets Available!

We are happy to announce we will now be selling Recycled PETG (rPETG) pellets. 

rPETG pellets are formulated for performance in filament extruders. These pellets provide high-quality diameter control and aggressive extrusion speed. The higher melt flow of PETG permits higher speed 3D printing, similar to that of PLA. rPETG exhibits excellent impact strength, which makes it ideal for printing components that need to absorb impact shock without fracture. Although this material is recycled it prints clean and is free of contaminants as well. 

rPETG made from 100% recycled material (a fabric made from polypropylene-polyester blend) generated by Universal Composites, Inc. These pellets are usable with both our EX6 and EX2 systems for 1.75mm filament with +/-0.05mm tolerance.

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