🎯 New Mission Statement and Updated Company Values – Filabot
🎯 New Mission Statement and Updated Company Values

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🎯 New Mission Statement and Updated Company Values

We have been taking some time to craft a new mission statement. We are ready to share it with you and would love your feedback. Here it is:

Mission Statement

Filabot has committed to engineering a more sustainable future by cutting edge miniaturization of industrial polymer processes. We bring uncompromised functionality and reliability to our customers, in research, development, production, and laboratory settings, once only reserved for dedicated factory production. Our products will reduce overhead costs and the environmental impact of next-generation 3D printing through our focus on both the support and longevity of our hardware.

Also, we updated our company values. The new company values are below:

Company Values

To conduct business in an Ethical, Legal, and Moral way. To care for our customers, employees, and be a company for which people want to work. To provide engineered high-quality products and the best customer service in the industry. We are committed to providing unique solutions to customer problems and products that drive the business to strong growth and profitability.

To give people the ability to create custom filament while making 3D printing more sustainable. To turn a throwaway society into a society that reclaims and creates. With a large focus on education, we strive to learn, teach, and share information so that everyone can make a positive impact.

Respect for our environment is a central consideration in every decision we make, both corporately and individually. In fact, Filabot was conceived with the environment in mind, as our founder sought to develop a machine that could take plastic waste and convert it to 3D filament. Our passion for the environment has remained strong, long after achieving that goal.

We are committed to developing novel, truly sustainable solutions for the 3D marketplace. We invest significant time and resources to achieve these milestones because we understand the importance of an environmentally sustainable philosophy.

We hope you feel that we are meeting our mission statement and working within our company values. Please share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

The Filabot Team


  • Filabot Team

    Steven, we are working on two items to be released next year (hopefully) one is a mixing nozzle addon this will allow for consistent color/additive feed for your filaments. The other item we are working on in a gear pump that would allow for +/-0.01mm extrusion rate.

  • Filabot Team

    Sayed, thank you for your interest. Please contact us at contact@filabot.com to discuss further.

  • Sayed Saad

    Dear sir
    Filabot gentlemen
    Am Sayed Saad from egypt i have 3d printing business and study to establish filament production by your machine i suggest as you care for your customers and long to market through realistic way to focus on the reliability of your machines and profitability for your customers from such business by clarifying the profit margins and raw materials in market and suitability to use different types of available filament pellets in market to produce filament spools in commercial products i mean is it profitable to use the machine for commercial production of pla and abs and all kinds of filaments if i bought the system shall i be able to putchase the pellets and produce filament and make profit as a business while it will cost me around 10k $, can i compete with the Chinese producers lines i see raw pellets of 3000 to 6000 $ per ton on Alibaba website is this your machines raw feed to produce or should i import from companies like nature works or Rezinix or i buy from Amazon pellets it can be high cost for the raw pellets feeds. what problems will i face. Such case studies will persuade potential customers like me more to invest
    Thanks and forgive me for interrupting and interfere with your business

  • steven thomas

    I like the empasis on research and bringing capabilities to that have usually been reserved for factory production but will now be more widely available. I would like to see a desktop scale setup that would allow for efficient mixing of different materials so anyone could develop custom filament. This capability would usually require a significant capital investment, but I am hoping you can scale this down to be more accessible to small businesses or individuals.

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