August in Review: New Ideas, Same Company

August in Review: New Ideas, Same Company

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The summer is certainly a time for relaxation but it's also a time for growth and change. We've been growing Filabot full time here in Vermont and we're proud of the work we've been doing. There is a certain love we have of elbow grease, long nights, sudden thoughts turned into projects on the weekend. 

This blog post is a review of what we've been up to, the new products we've released and the filament we've been working with. 

1. The Filabot Airpath and Dryer 

The Airpath and Dryer are our answers to questions about filament and pellet moisture. Ensuring a strong and durable filament means smooth, consistent plastic for extrusion and these products don't disappoint. Though geared towards our more industrial customers, these machines make filament extrusion a serious operation and we're pleased with the feedback we've received so far.

2. The Filabot Recycling Program 

The Filabot Recycling Program began beta in August and we're pleased to announce that we're gearing up for a full launch for all interested users in the coming months. The service is geared towards those who have failed prints but don't yet have the capability to purchase a fully fledged Filabot setup on their own but would still like to recycle. We're working towards accessibility on all fronts and hoping that "failed prints" can become a thing of the past.

3. Filament, Filament, Filament!

We've taken a refocused effort to put extrusion and extrusion testing at the forefront of our efforts at Filabot. While we're always scheming with machines, we've been testing and updating you all on this blog every Friday. The biggest and most exciting news thus far: working with Ocean Plastic from Parley for the Oceans, a collaborative group working to inspire awe and practical solutions for ocean cleanup. 

4. A New Company Culture

We've been changing how we do things here at Filabot. From online meetings to team floats down the river, we're focused on empowering our employees to live the work life/balance they want. Inspired by a few readings and many discussions, this way of relating to "work" has shifted out thoughts on what it means to work and live, live to work and work to live. The lines are blurry than most people are willing to admit. We're committed to ensuring employees are equipped to tackle life's challenges and truly find joy in the projects they create. 

What we want to make clear: we're here for you.

Cheesy line? Yes. Do we mean it? Absolutely. We're here for makers, doers, teachers, environmentalists, engineers, you name it. We talk to people all over the world every single day and we're stoked to be able to be the extrusion machine company you know and trust. Are we meeting your expectations? Are we fulfilling your needs? Feedback is always welcome. 

As we move into September and the Fall, we're excited to roll out more machines, work with more filament and collaborate with our customers more than ever. Get in touch, make like crazy, we hope you've had as good a month as we have. 

The Filabot Team

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