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Filament is the life blood of 3D printing. We have said it before, and we will say it again. However what good is any filament if your printer manufacturer only allows use of their filament? This would limit your printers capabilities drastically, hindering the true potential of what these jaw dropping machines can do. The sad truth is that many companies are doing this. They are only allowing you to use pre-loaded filament cartridges that come from that specific supplier. Now not only do you have to buy only from that suppler, you can only get the materials that they have available. Most of these companies that lock down filament will say it is so that the quality can be controlled for great printing, this could be true, but the filament we make at Filabot has the same if not better tolerances compared to this commercially purchased filament. In any case when selecting a printer make sure you choose a printer that can use any filament. Stay far away from the companies that done allow it. 

Here is a list of printer companies that are limiting filament, and the potential of 3D printing:

Makerbot - Sad but true, the printers can only use the spools that makerbot has

XYZ - Low cost printer, high cost filament. Can only use XYZ filament

3D Systems - High cost, limited material types. Can only use their filament


Here is a list of printer that allow for any type of filament to be used: 

Printrbot - Great printers, great prices, great prints, open filament usage

SeemeCNC - Delta Style Movement, open filament usage

Luzbot - Open filament usage

Ultimaker - Open filament usage 

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