New PLA Filament only at Filabot

You know Filabot has always been your favorite place to pick up a wide array of ABS filaments.  Well not we are offering our own PLA filament!  For those of you that aren't familiar with PLA it stands for Polylactic Acid.  Its made up of all renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca root, sugarcane, and many other types of plant matter.  Since PLA can break down over time and be environmentally friendly its now being used alot in packaging like cups, bags, disposable tableware, and more.  Developments in the medical field have also called for PLA plastics.  PLA can safely break down inside the body overtime, simply turning to, you guessed it, Lactic Acid, so they have made screws, plates, pins and other parts to hold things in place and gradually dissolve as you heal. But we wouldn't suggest making your own body parts yet. Most importantly PLA has broken into the 3-D printing field as well.  This is important because PLA unlike ABS doesn’t require a hot printing bed, will not warp during printing, and there is less deformity with the plastic itself.

So stop on over to our Web Store, check it out, and get printing!

Filabot PLA Filament:

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