Translucent PLA Pigments and Filament at Filabot

Translucent PLA Pigments and Filament at Filabot

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Printing in translucent filament opens up a world of creative options for your projects, which makes us thrilled to share that they are now available from us in both pellet and filament form for PLA!

If you're using an extruder to make your own translucent filament, you'll find that the process is exactly the same as it would be if you were making a solid color. The pigment ratios used however, are generally a little lower for translucent pigments - with 2% being the average colorant usage by weight. As you can expect, a more saturated translucent tone can be achieved by loading the pigment to 3%. For reference, the filament that we sell is loaded with a 2% ratio. One of the first projects we came up with was a set of chili pepper lights, which we think came out great! 



Certainly, one can find a more technical use for these as well, but we think these are timely with the onset of patio season up here in Vermont!  We posted the project over on if you'd like to print your own. 

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