Filabot Sieve System


Filabot Sieve System

Sale price$2,877.00 USD

Crafted for coarse testing scenarios, the budget-friendly RX-812 Coarse Sieve Shaker boasts the unique feature of accommodating both 8" and 12" diameter test sieves with the help of the provided quick-change adapters. The RX-812 operates quietly and delivers a precise "action" ensuring consistent and reliable outcomes.

Product Includes:

Shaker machine

Four (4) Sieves, No. 7-30

Key Features:

  • Compatible with both 8" and 12" diameter Test Sieves.
  • Suitable for analyzing particles of US #100 (150 µm) and above.
  • Exclusively oscillating motion.
  • Comes with adapters for 8" and 12" Test Sieves.
  • Oscillation Rates: 280 opm (60Hz); 231 opm (50Hz).