The Filabot Recycling Service

The Filabot Recycling Service is something we've been working on for quite some time. It's been developed into a fully fledged service for users who are working with filament and other materials in the 3D printing space and want to be environmentally friendly with their practices. 

How It Works

  1. The first step is to order a box from our website. Filabot will ship your recycling box to any domestic location.
  2. When you receive our box, fill it with any PLA plastic or PLA scraps from your 3D printing projects and operations.
  3. Once the box is filled, ship the box back to us with the attached prepaid shipping label.
  4. At Filabot we will recycle your plastic scraps into usable PLA filament for 3D printing.


  • Must be in the United States
  • Must fill with PLA only
  • Box Size: 12in x 12in x 36in

        Filabot Extrusion Testing

        Using the full suite of Filabot machinery we will create and test your materials for filament extrusion in a timely and tested manner. Using our Filabot EX2, Spooler, Dryer and other performance enhancing technologies, we're able to extrude your materials into filament to test whether or not they are extrudable.

        Extrusion Testing is used to verify if a customers grade of plastics and materials work for extrusion on our systems. The goal of this test is to prove that our machines perform well so customers can be sure that their polymers work before they buy our full Filabot setup. 

        How It Works 

          1. Customers send in 1/2 gallon of materials for extrusion testing. 
          2. After reviewing and discussing the needs of the filament with the customer, Filabot engineers extrude and use our machinery to test your specific materials.
          3. We'll send you our findings in a report, including data and information outlining the performance of your material on our machines. 

        Filabot Filament Extrusion

        Do you need a type of filament made for a specific project? A once or twice a year material that is not cost effective for your company or project to develop on it's own? 

        With our Filament Extrusion Service we will work with you to extrude any given material that can or might be able to be extruded into usable filament. 

        Understanding what goes into the process, development and testing of each material is important and we will use our expertise in order ensure you are satisfied with the results and final filament of the polymer you want to extrude. 

        Purchasing Custom Filament Extrusion

        Each custom extrusion is unique, depending on time constraints, types and amounts of materials. To request a quote and work with us to find the right price, email us at with the subject line "Filabot Filament Extrusion" or give us a call at 802-505-6772.

        From there, we will work together to create and develop a simple plan that is unique to your specific needs.