#TechTuesday: Airpath in Action

#TechTuesday: Airpath in Action

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Last week we launched our latest product, the Filabot Airpath. The Airpath is a drying fan that improves extrusion and helps maintain a smooth and consistent diameter. It also helps reduce the space that one normally needs to fully extrude filament with our EX2 and Spooler.

We've finally got our warehouse set up to include the Airpath! And wow, it looks great. We've been building up a new system and process for extruding and printing parts here at Filabot and it is soothing to hear the machines whir, the plastic extruding, the prints materializing before our very eyes. To print or not to print? It isn't even a question.

We've sold quite a few Airpaths in the last week! And we're pumped that there is so much enthusiasm. If you're one of those customers, let us know, we'd love to hear about your experience and thoughts on the Airpath! 

Until next time,
The Filabot Team

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