New Pellet Head Print Testing Service

New Pellet Head Print Testing Service

Earlier this year we released our first large-format printing product, the MDPH2, forour large format 3D printing customers. The MDPH2 is a mounted FPF extruder head that is designed to work on the end of a robotic arm or CNC movement system. This extruder works in the vertical orientation to output the required volume of material for large format objects.

Now, the main point of this blog was to highlight the new Pellet Head Testing Service that is now available. With this service, we evaluate the printability of your material so that you can be confident that our pellet head system will work for your large printing needs. 

For each test, you will receive a report outlining the temperatures that we used, print settings, and other general notes that we observed during the print testing. If the test is successful we will mail back the printed “MD” logo for your evaluation. Keep in mind that each test is pass or fail, meaning that we will do our best to tweak the setting for a successful outcome. 

Reasons for failure include slow cooling rates, where the underlying layers cannot hold up the layer on top. Also, melt flows can be too high, causing the polymer to run quickly to a point where the pellet head could not keep up with the high flow. Lastly, failure could be caused by the shape of the pellets. Pellets with a higher angle of repose will be harder to feed. For example, regrind material can be challenging to feed because of its irregular shape.

By using the Pellet Head, you can 3D print objects by eliminating the extrusion process. This allows you to have a high success rate of workable polymers. The testing we’ve done with the Pellet Head, we’ve found much success and we are excited to expand the range of materials we are able to repurpose.  

To learn more about this service click here

We are excited to see what materials start coming out with this new testing service. We are even more excited to see what you print with your pellet head. Check out what this customer has printed. Credit to Millebot, to learn more about Millebot click here.

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