Fowler Filameasure Guide Inset Update

Fowler Filameasure Guide Inset Update

This update is in relation to the Fowler Filameasure. When working with thin or soft filament, the roller wheels push the filament off track causing the measurement to get lost. As you can imagine, this causes issues with the readout and in some cases, cause the filament to break, requiring the user to restart the filament that is being spooled.

Our solution to this problem is a simple 3D printed guide insert. This insert extends the roller bearings making the distance shorter and eliminating the filament from falling off of the bearings. If you have a Fowler Filameasure unit we recommend downloading this insert design and adding it to your Filameasure. Click here for the guide insert STL.

The new Mitutoyo Filameasure does not need this insert as the frame of the unit has been redesigned to have this guide feature built in.

Thank you for your patience and understanding


The Filabot Team

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