Filabot Reclaimer Update

Filabot Reclaimer Update

We are in the home stretch of launching the Filabot Reclaimer to the world. It has been a long winding road but the end is in sight. As of this update, the Filabot Reclaimer prototype is chomping away at failed prints turning them into usable grindings for our extruder systems. This week engineering is wrapping up mechanical strength testing, making sure all parts fit, checking for clearance issues, and other design related functionality. If all goes well next week production design will be started and wrapped up. This part of the timeline includes enclosure design and aesthetics, user ergonomics, and packaging for shipping.

As for the price, and usage features we are going to keep that under wraps until we have final confirmation of the specifications. We will be providing weekly updates to the progress of the Filabot Reclaimer. Stay tuned for more updates and the final release date.

Thank you

The Filabot Team

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