#FilamentFriday: Testing Your Filament

#FilamentFriday: Testing Your Filament

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We're always trying to be more transparent and accessible. One thing that has always stumped us, and one thing our customers have always asked for is to test our machines before they're purchased. We get that. That makes sense. But unfortunately, we can't be shipping Filabots all around the world for free testing. 

While we do want to ensure you're pleased with your product, we've decided to set up a small demo station in our warehouse where we can take video calls and show off what we got. We're still figuring out how to make this an easy process for both customers and ourselves throughout the work week (the warehouse is loud). 

This is all in an effort to get filament in your hands. We've recently created the Filabot Recycling Service (still in beta) and we do offer Filament Extrusion Testing for customers who want specific materials tested on our machines. 

Not exactly your average #FilamentFriday post. But it's not always about the filament itself, is it? It's about accessibility, transparency, and the ability to know what you're buying before you buy it. Keep an eye out for updates on demo possibilities!

Have a great weekend,
The Filabot Team

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