Extrusion Data File System - New Development

Extrusion Data File System - New Development

With so many polymers available it is hard to keep track of all the settings used during extrusion. Not to mention that each polymer can require a different setup. One variable can affect the next, compounding issues if not done right. In our filament laboratory we are always working with new grades of polymers, from new mixtures that a customer wants tested to a material from plastic companies who want to convert a polymer into filament for use in 3D printing.

Keeping track of the setup, settings, and steps for each polymer has been interesting to say the least. We had spreadsheets, notes in random drawers, photos on our phones, and diameter data floating in the wind. We have over 6 places where we stored the information, with no central data storage setup. That was the old way, outdated, but it worked for the most part.  

The Filabot EDFS is a new development that we are using to log as many variables, settings, setup photos, and diameter data, as possible. The new system is a series of folders, datasheets, and a standardized layout that all tests and extrusions follow. The main reason it warrants any attention is because we will be releasing this to the public and to our users so that extruders can be dialed in quickly without wasting material.

Our mission is to utilize the widest range of plastics. This is a small step towards helping users of our systems do just that, utilizing even the smallest amounts of plastic.

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