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Maker Movement

Filabot System:

By the end of this year, we are optimistic about having all of our 67 kickstarter systems completed and on their way. Once we are done with our kickstarter backers, we will then proceed with launching to the public. When we ship Filabots, there will be a little surprise…..and of course it involves recycling.


Popular Science:

If you get the chance, pick up the November issue of “Popular Science”. There is a great little article about 3D printing and Filabot is also in there! (Page 25)

Champlain Mini Maker Faire:

Part of the Filabot team and the Filabot attended this amazing event. It was great to see so many makers as well as so many members of the 3D printing community.

London 3D Printshow:

Filabot was lucky enough to have been invited the the 3D printshow in London, England. Unfortunately we were unable to make it there in time. Looking at their website ( sure makes us wish we were able to attend such an amazing event.


Tyler McNaney and The Filabot Team!

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