Filabot Original EX2 with...SPEED CONTROL!

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Filabot Original EX2 with Speed Control

        You already know about our amazing filament extruder the Filabot Original EX2.  It already has a revolutionary feed screw that mixes, compounds, and pressurizes the plastic to optimize the quality and rate of production of the filament you are creating.  The only thing that we, as well as a couple customers had noticed was that certain types of plastic may need a slightly longer heating time while coming through the chamber, or don't need to be compounded to the same extent.  We had originally done this as a custom add on for a customer and he liked it so much we decided to develop a standard machine with the ability to control the speed of extrusion.  The adjustment is done through a variable speed pot, with the adjustable knob conveniently mounted on the top cover.  The range goes all the way from 0 RPM, up to the full normal extrusion rate.  We found that the ability to do this has solved some issues that we had extruding some of the trickier plastics.  It can also be used to make some minor diameter changes, though a small adjustment can make a big difference.  This is the perfect machine for research labs testing out a lot of different types of plastics, or the at home creator trying to extrude some tricky plastics.

If you want the top of the line machine to do any extruding job you throw at it, this is the machine for you.

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