#3DThursday: GPU Stands

#3DThursday: GPU Stands

At Filabot we've got a warehouse and a bunch of engineers. Which means that on occasion blowing things up and generally feeling like you're on an episode of MythBusters is a normal state of affairs.

There's a lot going on here but it's important to keep a good sense of humor and keep up with personal projects when there is a second or two to spare. 

Last week our Lead Engineer printed these GPU stands for cryptocurrency mining. Simple, sleek, doge-meme themed, they're the perfect stand for proper ventilation. 

If we could take Bitcoin for Filabot, we would. Actually, I'm not entirely sure we can't? Anyway. There are plenty of GPU stands online to download and customize at your leisure. 

What have you been printing? Let us know!

The Filabot Team

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