Filabot Spooler Traverse Upgrade Kit

Filabot Spooler Traverse Upgrade Kit

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This kit upgrades the existing DC motor and mechanical limit switch to a stepper motor and optical switch, drastically increasing the run life and consistency of the traverse drive assembly. This kit is compatible with all Filabot Spoolers equipped with a filament traverse.

NOTE on Spoolers purchased around or before Q1 2017 (S/N lower than FS00150) These Spoolers used a logarithmic speed control potentiometer. This potentiometer will work with the new Stepper Motor Traverse, however speed adjustment will be non-linear. Advanced users: If you would like your speed adjustment to be linear on Spoolers before S/N FS00150, the logarithmic potentiometer can be replaced with Alpha part # RV16AF-10-20R1-B10K-LA or equivalent potentiometer. Wire the potentiometer according to the included wiring diagram. (Requires soldering to the potentiometer) 

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