Spooler Updates: Stepper Traverse Upgrade! – Filabot
Spooler Updates: Stepper Traverse Upgrade!

Spooler Updates: Stepper Traverse Upgrade!

We are happy to announce the latest upgrade to our Filabot Spooler the Filabot Stepper Motor Traverse! This new design replaces the DC motor and mechanical switch with a stepper motor and optical limit switch greatly extending the running life of your traverse as compared to the current design.  We are happy to announce it’s new features including reverse compatibility with previous models current customers may upgrade, ATMEGA based control board running open source programming, significantly more consistent speed control and actuation accuracy, and is designed for future feature expansion. This new upgrade is user-friendly to install and when it is released all-new spoolers will ship with this upgrade. Be on the lookout for this new upgrade coming soon!  

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  • Wilson Wong

    we have a whole ex6 setup. and we are waiting for upgrade of the filabot spooler …

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