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Introducing the Melt Filter Nozzle

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3d Printer Filament Nozzle

We're pretty excited about this new, simple nozzle. Straightforward and easy to incorporate into your extrusion process, it's the type of solution we know you'll like. The melt filter nozzle ensures a more consistent extrusion of filament. Just screw it on and you're good to go. By passing the melted polymer through two stainless steel screens, filtering and mixing are improved dramatically.

3D Filament Melt Nozzle

Dies will mix more consistently and the purity of the extruded filament will improve. The melt filter nozzle acts as a fail safe to catch any particulates that might have slipped through the cleaning and grinding process but is not meant to handle a large volume of contaminants. Designed in-house by the Filabot team, the melt filter is a product that ensures you're extruding the highest quality filament for all your 3D printing needs.


When you're ready to clean the product, just remove the nozzle and torch the excess plastics. Then re-attach. Like we said, simple and straightforward. Nozzles for both previous and current style extruders are available and of course, we always welcome questions!

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