This Is Why You Found Us - Plug from our marketing company. Trevor McNaney Adwords

This Is Why You Found Us - A plug from our marketing company

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ATTN: This post is from our marking company. Our opinions are our own. 

There are many ways to get customers attention, every from of marketing has its pros and cons. When it came to Google Ads, Filabot was struggling to turn google ad campaigns into a profitable and worthwhile avenue of traffic.

In early August of 2018 we decided to do something about that that by hiring a consultant specializing in Google Ads. We hired Trevor from Trevor McNaney LLC, a digital marketing company that focus' specifically on revitalizing, creating and managing Google Ad accounts for companies in the 3D printing industry.

We decided mutually to start out with a small daily adspend and have Trevor revamp the campaigns as we had unfavorable results with other marketing agencies in the past.

We allowed Trevor to work with a predetermined budget just to test the market and prove that revamping our ads account could be profitable and healthy for business. Trevor took a look at our account, revitalized it, and within the first month we saw positive returns, although small at first, it was proof that we could scale this into something far more powerful.

As we increased adspend, and subsequently reached more people in need of our products, we saw favorable returns and benefit in working with an outside consultant.

Trevor McNaney LLC has been able to generate a positive ROAS (return on adspend) of 12:1 in less than 60 days. Traffic doubled week to week in some cases with Adwords. Now we produce returns month to month while operating on a daily budget of hundreds of dollars. It has been great to help our customers and reach out to others, nationally and internationally, that are searching for great products from Filabot.

That’s the power of adwords to get our high quality products in front of real customers, with real cash, and to do it in a highly profitable way.

We write this post to show you that Google Ads can be useful!

If you'd like to learn more or work with Trevor visit:

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