#FilamentFriday: Nylon Extrusion

#FilamentFriday: Nylon Extrusion

It's Friday! Which means we're about to update you on our recent filament extrusion tests. It's been a long week and our Warehouse Manager Josh has been working with Nylon.

Specifically, Josh was working with Nylon 6 Prime. Although the filament had a hard time staying in tolerance it is currently printing exceptionally well.

The best extrusion temperatures that Josh found were at 210, 248 and 240 degrees at a whopping 8 volts. It was a very, very slow spool because the faster the extrusion process, the more the nylon was not fully melted. 

Overall, we're very excited about our tests with nylon this week and look forward to using and maintaining a huge variety of plastics and polymers to better serve our customers needs and questions. Check out our extrusion testing service if you need any specific plastics tested on our machines! 

The Filabot Team

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